Architecture as a Piece of Nature, 2011

23-channel film and image installation, digital; variable dimensions and durations

Sampling and reframing the ideas and images of three Japanese architects, the installation tests didactic and experiential strategies in the representation of architectural practice and built space. Spanning a corner of the gallery, interview films with Fujimoto, Hirata, and Ishigami are flanked by a constellation of small screens showing process material, project photography, and personal images collected from the architects. On the opposite end of the space, a large immersive film projection sensually explores three built projects in Japan.

Curated by Naomi Shibata, Ai Kitazawa, Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo. Produced by Maris Mezulis Studio with Naomi Shibata. Exhibited at SpazioFMG Gallery (Milan), April 2011.