Dreaming the Body-Screen, 2019

Light installation, digital; looping, variable program; 1400 x 200 cm 

A flat field of continuously evolving colour and pattern fills the space with a hypnotizing glow. Stepping out of the darkness into the field, the body gives shape to the light, extruding and grafting a flow of kinetic luminous patterns onto textile and skin. As clothing and wearable objects begin to integrate visual and haptic technologies, the body transforms into an expressive, fully programmable information surface. The installation puts the human form and its accoutrements at the speculative frontier of the data totalscape, where definitions of identity and personal space become uncertain.

Commissioned by Swiss Textiles. Produced by Maris Mezulis Studio in collaboration with Lela Scherrer, with support by Ignacio Pérez and Piertzovanis Toews Architekten. Exhibited as part of a private event (Bern, Switzerland), March 2019.